Saturday, February 21, 2009


how can anyone say that God doesn't exist in the face of things like this?

watch them's an hour of your day you won't mind missing. and much more worthwhile than some of the mindless mess on tv. (and, yes, i'm guilty of way too much mindless mess consumption myself-no denigration here!)

**thanks to S from Thursday night Bible study for sharing!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


you can go to this website & punch in either the name of your blog or just some random stuff & they'll hook you up with one of these cool things. and then you'll have to get someone to show you how to save the thing because they don't make it easy & for some reason i couldn't figure it out for myself. so thanks 1 for saving me from myself.

Friday, February 6, 2009

one good turn & all that...

binna, dear friend that she is, tagged me for tagging her on the other blog. next time i'll remember to say "no tag backs". so here we go. 4th folder, 4th picture, no cheating. and an explanation.

well, it appears we ended up with a video in the 4th folder. and for some reason, when i open my picture folders on here, i end up with a different folder than on the other blog. which i suppose is good as i would have had to post the same pic with the same explanation & how much fun is that? AND for some other reason, when i attempt to upload a video, it takes 4 days with negative results, hence the youtube link. i think this is auri playing with her sit and spin. i just realized that that name sounds a little rude. two-bugs & unca-josh sent it for her birthday last year. and this isn't one of the sit and spins of our youth. oh, no. my delightful siblings had to pick the deluxe version. it sings. and or plays simon says. cause i don't have enough noise in my house. it took her awhile to get the hang of it but there's no stopping her now. she carries it around the house & commands us to sit and spin (geesh...starting early, are we?), too. dizzy makes me sick so i beg off whenever i can.

i guess i'll move on to the 5th folder (because we are supposed to be doing pictures, not videos) and see what i find.

it's dixon! ol' weiner dog. it must be hard being longer than your bed. since then, the bed has been replaced by one of those big pillow bed things. he still prefers crawling under the blankets with one of us, though. it's because he's a badger dog, you know. they like to burrow.

and that's it. the trail ends with me. i could tag back terra, i suppose, since she has even more blogs than i do but i'll leave it up to her. i need some bloggy buddies!