Friday, May 1, 2009

great. just great.

first of all, anyone who was waiting for the continuation of the spring break post, you'll have to keep waiting. i had a whole post typed up & when i discovered that blogger will only allow a few pictures to be posted per post (wtf? did that make any sense?) - at least on this blog since i read another one recently that said she could put something like 89 on hers - i decided to break the spring break post up into chunks so as to get all the pictures in. and then the computer went a little nuts, warranting a restart and for some stupid reason, i hadn't backed up the spring break post, rendering it lost forever. and since everything has been just enough off center lately that i spend most of my time in a fog, making no sense to anyone around me, including myself, you'll all just have to wait until my brain returns from the vacation that it apparently decided to take without telling me to get the rest of the story about spring break. thankfully i have all of those not postable to blogger except one at a time pictures to remind me of what we did.

and back to the whole point of this post. haha. fooled you, didn't i? you thought i forgot, huh?

it appears that i am on my way to being railroaded into another dog. did you hear me? ANOTHER DOG. the dog that we have

- the one who houdini-ed his way out of his crate years ago during one of his first nights in our home, the one who tried to eat the vet tech at his neuter appointment (i still stand by my opinion that she needed some retraining on how to approach a strange dog, especially a strange dog accompanying a very pregnant woman & who is extremely protective of said pregnant woman), the dog who accompanied us to korea & made it here alive even after being fed untold amounts of tranquilizers by his grandma to try to get the whining to cease, the dog who has resurrected his houdini skills & manages to bust himself out of the bathroom where he is confined whenever we leave the house - apparently isn't enough of a pain in the ass that we need another one. because the vet clinic/airlines/dog food & treat manufacturers don't get enough of our money already. and we haven't even had the joy of kenneling this one yet.

but apparently there is an adopt-a-dog up in seoul that 1 found out about during a work trip this week. it seems to be a dachshund except perhaps with longer legs (of course! he'll fit in just fine in our family!) and is of indeterminate age. now, mind you, 1 is the one (haha) who got us involved in having more weiners than we have males (haha again) in this family to begin with. i NEEEEEED a dog, he moaned. i NEEEEEEED a weiner dog! and it should be a GIRL. and we'll call her dixie, because that was the name of the fat little weiner dog girl that i used to torture when i was little (i've seen pictures). and sucker that i am, i went looking. and found weiners in the paper (shouldn't that be illegal? weiners in the paper? head is NOT RIGHT.) and the whole family went over to look. and we didn't end up with a girl dog. we ended up with a boy dog. and his name is DIXON. and he is rotten (see above). and littlest tortures him, much like i'm sure her dad tortured his dixie back in the day.

but i guess the newness of the weiner & the baby has worn off so now we need something else in this house to keep us company. or busy. something like that. and since the foot has been put down about new babies in our house, i guess everyone (except me) thinks that that something needs to be a dog. biggest & middlest have been lobbying for months for a dog. BUT. for the same reasons my mother didn't want any more animals at her house, neither do i. why? because no matter whose dog it is, no matter who has sworn to protect & vet & keep & bathe & walk & clean & play with it, the mama is always the one who ends up on pup duty. why do you think I'M the one who ended up carting the damn dog over here, anyway? along with the 3 kids, 8 suitcases, 1 carseat, 1 stroller & a grandma?

don't get me wrong. i may be a dog person now. i kind of like the little bugger that is currently sleeping on my legs (well, and the bed, since he is a weiner & my legs, frankly, aren't that wide). i don't mind bathing him sometimes & littlest likes to help. and i took him to the vet this week & put my finger over the hole in his leg after the blood was drawn for a heartworm test & didn't fall down on the floor (although i was a little bit sicked out by it). i just don't know if i want another weiner around that i'll end up being responsible for.

but i think i'm being railroaded. which means my say in the matter probably went out the window weeks ago. sigh.

**and right now, yes, really right now, while i'm sitting here waiting for blogger to upload the weiner pictures, middlest came in here & started bugging me about the new dog AGAIN. i think this is their plan...get me so tired of hearing about the damn thing, that i just give in & say "fine! get the dog! just STOP talking to me about it!" maybe if i tried the same tactic about a vacation. think it would work?