Saturday, August 29, 2009

home again, home again

it's a good thing i'm such a good blog updater. that way all (one) of y'all that read this mess know exactly what i've been up to for the past month. and a week. or something like that.

annnnnnd we're back. annnnnnd it sucks. i think i forgot how to live over here. i'm pretty sure i did. i actually knew some numbers before we left but the doctor's visit today (because OF COURSE we have to go to the doctor the day after we get back), showed me that the numbers must have vanished somewhere between korea & there. or there & korea. i still appreciated the fact that a doctor's visit plus prescription plus vitamin c's for the little sicko only cost less that $25. that, at least, made me happy.

the flight wasn't horrible. i discovered the secret to anxiety-free flying. which is all well & good until the anxiety buster wears off & the emotions it has been covering up resurface. round 2 for everyone! hurrah! littlest was bored, bored & more bored. she shared her yogurt drops with the baby in front of her, played hand tug-of-war with the lady behind her, took a couple walks & didn't eat any of the griped about & meticulously prepared gluten-and-seafood-and-fish-free meals she was given. instead, she ate a rice cracker & drank some seaweed soup. whatever. all she's been doing the past 7 1/2 weeks is eating. it had to slow down eventually.

middlest & biggest did their video game/movie/book thing. whoo hoo. they slept some. that's about it for them.

the truck drives differently-steering is tighter, brakes are more sensitive. stupid brakes still SQUEEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLL though. i would have preferred it if they didn't. i have to show an ID card to shop again. that's a little weird.

in the commissary, one aisle over was a little girl loudly yapping something. and in the split second after i thought it in my head, littlest said "that jasmine?" and i said no. and had to restrain my emotions for a minute.

i'll get over myself. school starts again, busy starts again. once i have no time left to think about it, i'll forget.